Green Rep Exchange is a powerful multi-channel market place for suppliers to sell their products and services. You will be introduced to our network of broker/sale reps who can sell your products to their customers and also offer many needed services for your brand. Additionally, there are multiple selling channels on our platform, examples; Web Store, Facebook Store, Google Shopping and many more, creating a great selling partnership for both you as the supplier, and for the channel sellers.

Choose Your Supplier Program

Supplier Program 1

Buyers Interest Activity

This unique program captures the information from all the buyers and broker/sales reps that have engaged with your products and services on the Green Rep Exchange platform. This information is automatically generated into a report and then sent out to you. After reviewing the information the supplier can make decisions on the next steps to take, such as sending out samples, communicating with the buyer and /or Green Rep Exchange. The ultimate goal is to convert these activities into sales for the suppliers.

Who’s this program for?

Suppliers with their own products, who have the margins to work directly with distributors and large retailers, as well as have their own sales team.

Supplier Program 2

Supplier Account Manager

Green Rep Exchange Account Manager will work online & offline with your products and services through our broker services division. They will help navigate the sometimes complicated world of distribution and retailers, from the paperwork to the pricing, to getting your products placed on the shelf, targeting the accounts where your brand would get the best results. 

Who’s this program for?

Suppliers with their own products, who have the margins to work directly with distributors and large retailers, as well as brokers. Suppliers who would like a dedicated account manager to work for their brand.

Suppliers Centralized Catalog

Your products are placed in our Green Rep Exchange centralized catalog, with some of the most well-known brands in the natural products industry. Our channel sellers will fill their stores with your products and services creating a multi-channel platform, giving your brand the selling power of many creative entrepreneurs. Green Rep Exchange is constantly adding new channel sellers, therefore your products are added automatically to the appropriate channels and categories, at no extra cost to you, it is just snow balling and growing by itself.

Channel Types

Below are some of the selling channels that our sellers are using to sell your products and services to their customers. 

Business Category Types

Based on the large selection of categories found on Green Rep Exchange, our sellers are creating multiple types of businesses to sell your products and services.


B2B Store * Market Places * Box Subscriptions * Grocery * Snacks * Beverage * Bath & Beauty * Vegan * Supplements * Organic * Baby & Child * Pet * Household * much more……


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