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Selling On Pinterest


How It Works


Choose Your Products

Your channel comes pre-filled with all the Green Rep products (if you wish), or you can select the products you want by brand, category or individual items, it is totally up to you.


Select Your Domain

Select a domain name of your choice to generate your channel and provide your store front with a unique company name and logo, so that you can be found across the internet.

Sell To Your Customers

The products will go live once the URL feed is added to your Facebook account. New products and inventory changes will be updated automatically from our end.

We Process Your Orders

Everything will be handled for you when your customers place their orders. Customers only see your company and channel name, we are in the background not seen by your customers. 

We Ship Your Products

We will ship your orders to your customers. Your customers will not see our company name on any shipment. We are in the background processing and  completely handling everything for you.

Pinterest Is Leading The Way

Have you ever considered Pinterest as your marketing platform to promote your products online? There are over 2 Billion searches conducted on Pinterest every month, with more than 95 percent of users carry out buying decisions. As a result, marketers and business owners have a big chance to promote any product on this platform.  

Since 2018, Pinterest has become more than a social media platform; It has evolved into a profitable channel for businesses where people enjoy shopping. You have a tremendous scope to target this platform’s massive audience and thus convert them into consumers.

Catalogs – A Shopping Success
When you connect your catalog, Pinterest automatically ingests your entire product feed. You’ll also get a shop tab on your profile, making it easier for shoppers to find your products.

Merchants who upload their products to Pinterest Catalogs see 5x more impressions than those who haven’t added their products


How Does Pinterest Shopping Work?

Hovering over the Pin brings up categories Pinterest has automatically generated based on the image, and clicking one brings up products. This is a powerful way your products can get in front of new audiences, without you having to do anything other than create Product Pins.

Pinterest is where people find their favorite products, and when they find something they love, they are willing to pay more. In fact, two times more per month, than people on other social platforms.

They are super shoppers and if they can’t find you, they can’t shop on your store. Get started today by uploading your products.

Use Campaigns For Higher Returns

when you promote your products on Pinterest you will reap better results. In a study, advertisers who used both catalogs and shopping ads saw a 15% increase in their return on ad spend. Helpful tools like automatic bidding and dynamic retargeting make it easy to set it and forget it—and see great results.

Shopping Ads

Reach shoppers when they’re most likely to act. Shopping ads include helpful details like pricing, product availability and reviews.

Collections Ads

This immersive format uses slideshows and video-like content to help people shop similar products. They’re great for building larger baskets, because they help people find more products they’ll like.

Social Store Membership

Frequently Asked Questions


Many of the selling channels such as Facebook require you to have a website.  We create a website with 1-3 pages, with a shopping cart, policy page and terms of agreement, as well as a contact us page.

Yes, you will need a domain name for the website. We can help you with getting the domain name.

We will need access to your channel account, we will then set up everything for you, website, products and all other content.

Yes, the website, the channel account and all content will reflect you business name and brand, our information will not be seen anywhere on your channel.

a) Social Channels

When you receive orders on your social channel, you will have to submit them to Green Rep Exchange.

b) Website Channel

When orders are received on your website channel, they will be handled automatically by Green Rep Exchange, you don’t have to do anything.

Your product list will be updated with the new products, you do not have to do anything. If we use a product feed for your channel it is updated automatically, if not, we will use a CSV file and update the products.

If your selling channel uses our product feed, the out of stocks will be updated automatically,  if not they will be updated by the use of a CSV file upload.

Blind dropshipping is when the products being shipped to your customers will not show any company name on it. Your customers will not know that we are the one’s shipping the products.

Yes, you can increase or decrease the pricing.

All sales are final. An RMA (return merchandise authorization) will only be accepted if the item is mis-shipped or damaged. All RMAs will be for a refund. Exchanges must be placed as a new order. A 15% restocking fee will apply for all refused/returned orders. A return label will be provided if determined damaged/defective/mis-shipped. Additional details, photos, packaging, etc. may be requested.

Further information on returns and refunds: