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Selling On Instagram 


How It Works


Choose Your Products

Your channel comes pre-filled with all the Green Rep products (if you wish), or you can select the products you want by brand, category or individual items, it is totally up to you.


Select Your Domain

Select a domain name of your choice to generate your channel and provide your store front with a unique company name and logo, so that you can be found across the internet.

Sell To Your Customers

The products will go live once the URL feed is added to your Facebook account. New products and inventory changes will be updated automatically from our end.

We Process Your Orders

Everything will be handled for you when your customers place their orders. Customers only see your company and channel name, we are in the background not seen by your customers. 

We Ship Your Products

We will ship your orders to your customers. Your customers will not see our company name on any shipment. We are in the background processing and  completely handling everything for you.

Instagram Store 

Reach 1 billion Instagram users longing for products like yours with Shoppable Instagram posts from Green Rep Exchange E-commerce. Set up your Instagram shop in minutes to sell everything from clothes to antique furniture. An Instagram shop meets your customers in the same space they connect with friends, news, and favorite brands. 

Every day, 300-million Instagram users visit an Instagram business page after seeing a post in their feed. 80% of users follow at least one business on Instagram, and 60% have heard about a business or product through Instagram. 

Your Instagram store extends your digital footprint, creating new and engaging opportunities to promote your products. By enabling Shoppable Instagram posts, shoppers are free to move from inspiration to decision instantaneously. Your product catalog is synchronized with your Facebook and Instagram accounts automatically.

Instagram Shopping?

When you tag products in your photos with shoppable pricing tags, Instagram users are enabled to view featured products, make their decision and then order right from their own Instagram accounts. Whether your Instagram shop is a hobby, side-hustle, or full-time effort, Green Rep Exchange makes it easy to promote your products to engaged Instagram shoppers. 

Expand your customer outreach with an Instagram store with Green Rep Exchanges user-friendly platform. Our state of the art and powerful technology is hidden behind simple forms and easy-to-follow instructions, you also get advanced control over your Instagram store to turn your low-ROI social-sharing into true social-selling.

Discover how easy it is to sell on Instagram with Instagram e-commerce. Get started today with Green Rep Exchange.

Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms for engaging with prospective customers. According to Instagram, 90% of its users follow at least one business, and nearly half of active Instagram users surveyed reported that they use Instagram to shop weekly.

As consumers use Instagram to connect with brands and to shop on a regular basis, Instagram shoppable posts can help your business get in front of more potential customers. 

Instagram shoppable posts allow you to sell products directly from shoppers’ feeds. By tagging your products in a post, users can shop from your brand’s videos and photos across Instagram. Shoppers can browse, buy, and check out without leaving the app, so the entire discovery and shopping experience takes place on Instagram

Why Market on Instagram?

Instagram’s primary advantage over other social media platforms is its visual nature. If you have a business that benefits from the design of your product or if you have a service that has a visibly noticeable end result, Instagram is the best platform to showcase that content.

Video, imagery, and illustration are all great content fits for this social media platform, but your marketing strategy will ultimately determine what type of content to publish and how often to post it. Establishing a strategy before diving right into a new social media platform, no matter how well it works for everyone else’s business, will keep you focused on your goals and — most importantly — your audience.

Social Store Membership

Frequently Asked Questions


Many of the selling channels such as Instagram require you to have a website.  We create a website with 1-3 pages, with a shopping cart, policy page and terms of agreement, as well as a contact us page.

Yes, you will need a domain name for the website. We can help you with getting the domain name.

We will need access to your channel account, we will then set up everything for you, website, products and all other content.

Yes, the website, the channel account and all content will reflect you business name and brand, our information will not be seen anywhere on your channel.

a) Social Channels

When you receive orders on your social channel, you will have to submit them to Green Rep Exchange.

b) Website Channel

When orders are received on your website channel, they will be handled automatically by Green Rep Exchange, you don’t have to do anything.

Your product list will be updated with the new products, you do not have to do anything. If we use a product feed for your channel it is updated automatically, if not, we will use a CSV file and update the products.

If your selling channel uses our product feed, the out of stocks will be updated automatically,  if not they will be updated by the use of a CSV file upload.

Blind dropshipping is when the products being shipped to your customers will not show any company name on it. Your customers will not know that we are the one’s shipping the products.

Yes, you can increase or decrease the pricing.

All sales are final. An RMA (return merchandise authorization) will only be accepted if the item is mis-shipped or damaged. All RMAs will be for a refund. Exchanges must be placed as a new order. A 15% restocking fee will apply for all refused/returned orders. A return label will be provided if determined damaged/defective/mis-shipped. Additional details, photos, packaging, etc. may be requested.

Further information on returns and refunds:

To start selling on Instagram shop, you require –

  • A Instagram Account
  • A Business Page on Instagram is associated with your account.
  • A Minimum of 2000 likes on your Instagram page. (Recommended)
  • Your products need to be physical – (No digital products allowed)
  • Comply with Instagram Shop Merchant terms. 
  • Have a business registered in the country you are selling
  • A valid bank account linked to your name and country where your business is based.
  • A Tax Identification Number

You can sell on Instagram shop with any of the two processes as mentioned below:

  1. Create your Instagram shop through Commerce Manager
  2. Create your Instagram shop through an eCommerce platform and link it to your Instagram shop. (Recommended)

Moreover, if you have a well-established business, you can surface your products on Instagram marketplace through Instagram business partners and sell them hassle-free across the platform.