About Us

Green Rep Exchange (GREx) is a multi-store marketplace developed for B2B and B2C sales, working exclusively with eco-friendly products. GREx allows innovative entrepreneurs, sales people, and existing businesses to create online e-commerce platforms with the best brands available in the industry.

Our marketplace has hundreds of brands, thousands of products, and competitive pricing, along with the simplest tools available, creating a great combination that allows Suppliers to get their brands in front of businesses and consumers in the most efficient and powerful way.

GREx works with some of the top brands in the industry and prides itself in discovering new and upcoming brands to be sold in the merchant’s stores. All our products are in one centralized catalog and with multiple stores selling to businesses and consumers, there is no extra effort needed by the Suppliers.

When a new store joins the GREx network, the Suppliers brands that fit into their categories, is automatically added to that store, growing their brand even more. It is literally like a snowball rolling downhill that keeps gathering momentum, getting bigger and bigger without no effort from the one who first sent the snowball down the hill (the Suppliers).

Store Owners do not need to handle any physical products or worry about storing and shipping inventory. When an order is placed on their website, we will ship the products directly to their customers, all they need to concentrate on is marketing their store.

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