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New Chef-Man BBQ vegan Bites (6 oz tray x 10) View larger

Chef-Man BBQ Vegan Bites (6 oz tray x 5)

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After more than 15 years of experience, Chef-Man is proudly one of the top companies in the field of vegan and vegetarian gourmet meat alternatives.

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$5.99 per tray

1000 Items

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If you purchase the product at level 2 and get 10% off, and customers continue to participate in the Group Purchase by buying the same product within the time period, this in turn will drive the price lower to get an even bigger discount (such as level 5, which may be 25% off). 

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If BBQ is what you are craving for dinner, turn to Chef-Man’s BBQ Bites with Pineapple. You get sweet and savory in one, without the worry of gluten or extra fillers. Eat only the best, real ingredients when you eat Chef-Man meals, either on their own, or as a way to enhance your favorite dishes!

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I love chef man vegan meals is yummy.

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