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Green Rep Exchange is a powerful multi-channel selling platform for both suppliers and channel sellers. Suppliers can sell their brands, services and products on multiple channels, channel sellers can run their own business selling a variety of natural products, creating a great selling partnership for both. Add to that our independent broker/reps who will be selling your products and services online and offline to there accounts, and offering a number of different services such as presentations to buyers, both physical and virtual, demos and many more, it creates the most powerful selling platform in the industry.


  • Your brand sold on multiple stores.
  • Many sales brokers selling your brand.
  • Receive & manage buyer quotes.
  • Online & offline broker services.
  • Grow your distribution.
  • Receive leads from multiple channels.
  • Communicate with brokers & buyers.
  • Sell your brand only, or add other brands as well.
  • Create articles to promote your brand to the world.


  • Your own selling channel filled with the best brands.
  • Choose the categories of your choicee.
  • Work for yourself.
  • Choose from 100’s of natural brands & 1000’s of products.
  • Earn advertising revenue.
  • Bring your own suppliers.
  • Communicate with buyers & suppliers. 
  • Multiple revenue sources.
  • B2B & B2C business.


  • Our buyers are businesses, institutions, consumers, foodservice, etc.
  • Purchase for your corporate cafeteria.
  • Start a buying club, at work or with your neighbors, family or online.
  • Create a private store for your company or buying club, to purchase what they need.
  • Add multiple users on your account, work with your whole team.
  • Use our bulk order form to order in bulk.
  • Communicate with suppliers & brokers.

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